Miscellaneous Updates

A few things to update you on:


  • Carly’s husband Todd ran in the New York City Marathon this weekend to raise money for the Stroke Association.  According to the marathon website, he finished in 4:32:33 – well done!
  • Reminder that Ben’s “You Can’t Regret What You Don’t Remember” will be available on iTunes this Friday, 11/11/11.
  • Also check this new We Are The Fallen fan site: Fuck Yeah! We Are The Fallen.  Also follow them on Twitter at @FuckYeahWATF.

Stoke Association Donations – Update

Carly’s husband Todd has now earned his fund-rasing goal of $3000 for the National Stroke Association for running in the NYC marathon this November.

Thanks to all who donated.

And don’t forget that you can still donate by going to this link:


Help Carly & Todd Raise Money For the National Stroke Association

In an effort to raise money for the National Stroke Association, Carly’s husband Todd Smithson is running the New York Marathon on Nov. 6th, 2011.

He has set a fundraising goal of $3000, and has collected pledges of $2620 so far.  Click here to donate more and help Todd & Carly reach their goal.

This charity has an especially personal meaning to Carly, as she experienced stroke symptoms while on tour with We Are the Fallen last year.  Here’s Carly’s full tweet on that:

This means so much to me and I would be so grateful if you guys could help me raise $3000 dollars . My husband Todd is going to run the NYC marathon this November . He will be a member of the National Stroke team and will run to raise money for their charity. Stroke has become very much a part of my life over the past few years and I have thrown myself into researching everything about it. I started experiencing mild symptoms while out on tour with my band We Are The Fallen last year and then when tour ended something a little more serious happened. Im still undergoing tests with my doctors and hope to never experience a full blown stroke. Since getting off tour Ive been able to surround myself with a wonderful medical team. I feel like im in good hands and hope to get back out on the road with my band sooner rather then later lol. Oh how I miss them all !!!! Anyway please help me raise the goal of 3k so Todd can run and I can meet him at the finish line 🙂
Love you guys !!!! Lets do this

As a bonus, Ben Moody has promised those who donate $50 or more access to an exclusive webcast called “Ben Moody’s 10 things you never knew you needed to know….and wish you could forget.”  Click here to see the very sketchy details.