Carly Has A Bouncing Baby Girl

We are back and posting again with the wonderful news that Carly & Todd Smithson welcomed a daughter into the world, Olivia Mabel Smithson, on September 30th at 10:55pm

Check out the lovely photo posted by Carly on her Twitter:


Also check out the media picking up on the story – such as People Magazine and the American Idol website.


People Magazine – Idol Issue

We have a copy of the photo and the text transcript from the portion of People magazine’s Idol “Where Are They Now?” special issue pertaining to Carly.

Here’s the article:

Four years after her Idol exit, the Irish-born singer is hanging with The King: She performs in the Las
Vegas Cirque Du Soleil show Viva Elvis. “It’s been honestly just amazing,” says Smithson, 28. “I’ve always
been a big fan of Cirque Du Soleil. I actually didn’t believe the casting lady when she called and asked if I
would be coming. I thought it was one of my friends playing a joke.”

On her weekly break, she heads to L.A. to work with her band We Are The Fallen on their next album.
She finds the contrast delightfully disconcerting: Viva, she says, “is very upbeat-everything that I’m not!
It’s like going from my band to Glee!”

Something else that’s new and fun: getting to stay for the entire show. During her first big stage gig, in
Les Miserables, she recalls, “I was 9 years old. I’ve never actually seen the second half! You are kind of
shuffled in and out, because children can’t be there that long.” This year, she says, her husband, tattoo
artist Todd Smithson, “has promised that I will see the second half of Les Miz!”


And the picture of Carly in her Viva Elvis costume:

We’re baaaaaack…

Sorry I have been away for awhile – the WATF/Carly news has been few and far between & I have been extremely busy with personal stuff.

Anyway let’s get back to business with some new things:

People magazine released a special issue to newsstands called “American Idol Where Are They Now”  which has info on every Idol contestant for the first 10 seasons.  Including of course our beloved Carly Smithson. (See cover image below.)

Carly gets a fairly large photo of her in her Cirque du Soleil outfit, and mentions that and of course We Are The Fallen.  I  will work on getting a transcript & scan of the photo ASAP.

News on “Viva Elvis”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported today that “Viva Elvis”, the show by Cirque du Soleil featuring Carly, will likely be closing permanently by the end of 2012.  Here is a quote:


Cast and crew were informed at a 3 p.m. meeting Wednesday that MGM Resorts International had informed Cirque du Soleil that closure of the show at Aria in CityCenter was likely at the end of 2012 for the underachieving production, which opened in early 2010.


Click here to see the full article.

Vote for John LeCompt

We Are The Fallen guitarist John LeCompt has been nominated by Revolver Magazine as one of Rock & Metal’s “Hottest Dudes”.


Go here and vote!


Also Carly recommends voting for the male members of the band Halestorm – Arejay Hale, Joe Hottinger and Josh Smith.

Carly in Revolver Magazine’s List of “Hottest Chicks of Rock & Metal”

Carly was listed as number 9 oin a list of the 25 “hottest chicks of rock and metal” by Revolver magazine.  Here is the picture, plus the associated text.

Let’s face it : She’s just too badass to be an American Idol. Since being voted off the show’s seventh season, Smithson has proved it, running a tattoo shop, San Diego’s Nothing Sacred, and fronting We Are The Fallen backed by former members of Evanescence, Disturbed, and Static-X. The group released its debut, Tear The World Down, in 2009, and is working on new material right now-and new tricks: The singer is currently training to be an aerialist so she can turn mid-air stunts during the band’s shows. Bad. Ass.