Moody’s Mood For Podcasts

Ben Moody continues his Pardigm or POP casts, which often include musings on music, philosophy, stem cell therapy, and Battlestar Galactica, in no particular order.

Go here to see the podcast links and click on anyone to hear a past broadcast.

If you’re looking for WATF or Carly info, you won’t find much.  However, on this podcast he did (at about the 35-41 min. mark) talk a little about WATF & Carly.  Basically he says the following: WATF is still together & still a band; they are still working on new music; we don’t know when we’ll have it available; sorry for the disappearing act but there are many reasons why things got delayed – life, money, lawsuits, record labels, etc.

This is followed by Ben’s new song “Remember Me” which is quite good – take a listen!


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