More Info on The Final Act Movie

You may recall this past Fall, we told you that Carly was scheduled to begin filming for a role in a film called The Final Act.  However, soon thereafter the movie site, facebook, etc. were taken down with no word.


However, the film’s writer/director Chloe Finch just recentlyreleased a statement explaining what happened & the future of the film.  The good news: the film will be made; the bad news is it has been pushed back to 2013.


Here is her complete statement:

The feature film, “The Final Act” was slated to start shooting last year 2011 in October. For the best interest of the production and all actors involved, including Carly Smithson playing the character of Chloe, As the writer, producer and director, I had to cut ties with people on the business side of the production. All websites and all promotional things regarding, “The Final Act” legally had to be taken down right away by the people involved on the business side of the production. What this means is the film will still be made, but has been pushed until next year, 2013. I didn’t realize how much was up online regarding Carly and “The Final Act” until recently. Therefore, an explanation is needed. This is common in the film industry with productions getting pushed to later dates or even pushed further into another year. This year, I am tied up with another production and will not be able to shoot, “The Final Act” until after. But, rest assured it will be going ahead with the right people on board and I personally will keep you updated on new developments. My deep apologies to Carly and all of the fans for the length of time it took me to give an explanation and notice what was online regarding Carly and the film.


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