More Paradigm of Paradox

Ben has been posting more podcasts – the latest are broadcast live but are available to view.


Start here for some science/philosophy talk with his doctor.


And here for performances by Hana Pestle.


Once you get to the UStream website it should list all of Ben’s POP (Paradigm of Paradox) videos.


Ben Moody’s Podcast

Ben has alerted us to keep following him for info on where to hear his new podcast Paradigm of Paradox, to be released this weeked.


Check out his announcement here.


Carly Sings With Steel Panther

Carly jumped on stage with the band Steel Panther to join them in a performance of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”.  This was filmed at the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada on January 14.


Word of warning to the easily offended, the boys in the band get a little R-rated in razzing Carly at the end.



Cirque Des Damnes Available As Download

The Cirque Des Dames concert from last January has finally been made available for download.  TO get it visit Ben’s site (click here to get there) where you order a download pass that will be mailed to you.  The pass contains a code that will allow the download.


No word at this time if the concert will be made available on other media such as DVD or Blu-Ray.


Mine is ordered & I can’t wait!



Carly Sings “Happy Birthday” to Elvis

Check out this video from the “Viva Elvis” facebook page – Carly and castmates sing “Happy Birthday” to Elvis.  It’s rare that we get to see Carly on stage in Viva Elvis, unless you go Vegas, so enjoy.


Link to Viva Elvis Facebook here.