News on “Viva Elvis”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported today that “Viva Elvis”, the show by Cirque du Soleil featuring Carly, will likely be closing permanently by the end of 2012.  Here is a quote:


Cast and crew were informed at a 3 p.m. meeting Wednesday that MGM Resorts International had informed Cirque du Soleil that closure of the show at Aria in CityCenter was likely at the end of 2012 for the underachieving production, which opened in early 2010.


Click here to see the full article.


Free Copies of Cirque Des Damnes to the Charitable

Ben Moody has posted on his personal twitter that he will give away 5 DVD copies of Cirque Des Damnes to 5 people who post “twitter proof” of themselves doing something “selfless/charitable” by Friday.


Here are his tweets:


WeAreBenMoodyBen Moody
tweet proof of yourself doing something truly selfless /charitable by Friday and I will send you one of these DVD’s. Have fun do-gooders:)
Ben Moody
WeAreBenMoodyBen Moody
I also have 5 envelopes and a giving, though sickening feeling in my (blackholewhere) heart (should be).
Ben Moody
WeAreBenMoodyBen Moody
I have 5 copies not for reproduction with the entire concert plus a special performance NOT on the official release.

Cirque Des Damnes coming soon?

Ben Moody tweeted the following yesterday:

Anybody wanna see more??? Maybe, I don’t know… Get some free shit with the best $12 concert download EVER?!?!?

Click on the link to see a brief video of Carly singing “Tear The Whole World Down” from the Cirque Des Damnes concert from January 2011.

Something tells me we will  be finding out soon about a download of this concert, though perhaps not a physical DVD.

You Can’t regret What You Don’t Remember released to iTunes

Ben Moody’s magnum opus of the years from the time he left Evanescence in 2003 until We Are The Fallen was formed – “You Can’t Regret What You Don’t Remember” has been released on iTunes.  Click here to see it…and maybe buy it.



Also check out the downloadable booklet with stories and anecdotes from his friends and colleagues from those years.

Miscellaneous Updates

A few things to update you on:


  • Carly’s husband Todd ran in the New York City Marathon this weekend to raise money for the Stroke Association.  According to the marathon website, he finished in 4:32:33 – well done!
  • Reminder that Ben’s “You Can’t Regret What You Don’t Remember” will be available on iTunes this Friday, 11/11/11.
  • Also check this new We Are The Fallen fan site: Fuck Yeah! We Are The Fallen.  Also follow them on Twitter at @FuckYeahWATF.