More Updates From Ben Moody

Ben Moody released a video on his tumblr site that gave some details about the things that we can look forward to from him in the next few months.


Here is a brief summary of what he mentioned

  • He is working on an online book containing stories, pictures, and general debauchery from the last 8 years.
  • He is planning on starting a podcast tentatively titled “Ben Moody’s Paradigm of Paradox” that feature music, bands, comedians, and just in general talking about what interests him.  First recording is planned for Jan. 22.
  • How does Ben feel about the new Evanescence album? he says he “really loves it”, and sent congratulations to Amy and the band.
  • His new record “You Can’t Regret What You Don’t Remember” will coming soon – By 11/11/2011 if I understand correctly.
  • As for We Are The Fallen – he says they are currently “feeding their families”, i.e. doing non-WATF work to make a living.  However he answers the following questions: “Are there new WATF songs? Yes.  Are they finished? No.  Will they be coming soon?  Yes.”  He did not define what “soon” means to him 😉
  • He mentioned the WATF DVD, but the current status of this was not clear to me from this recording.
Listen for yourself for the full Moody experience.

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