Carly in Revolver Magazine’s List of “Hottest Chicks of Rock & Metal”

Carly was listed as number 9 oin a list of the 25 “hottest chicks of rock and metal” by Revolver magazine.  Here is the picture, plus the associated text.

Let’s face it : She’s just too badass to be an American Idol. Since being voted off the show’s seventh season, Smithson has proved it, running a tattoo shop, San Diego’s Nothing Sacred, and fronting We Are The Fallen backed by former members of Evanescence, Disturbed, and Static-X. The group released its debut, Tear The World Down, in 2009, and is working on new material right now-and new tricks: The singer is currently training to be an aerialist so she can turn mid-air stunts during the band’s shows. Bad. Ass.


One comment on “Carly in Revolver Magazine’s List of “Hottest Chicks of Rock & Metal”

  1. What the hell does American Idol know about talent in regards to this genre of music anyway? NOTHING. This is ROCK-N-ROLL, HARDCORE. American Idol is for the masses of America who run to the house and lock the door when they see someone who is into this scene. This woman is working with the best talent in a field of talented individuals, cranking out music that the sheep don’t have the intelligence to appreciate. Let them stay in their pens drinking their coca-colas and watching their reality TV. Leave us in peace to rock out in relative ear-splitting peace!

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