Even More Updates From Ben Moody

Ben Moody took to You tube to send out some messages:


First he commented on the new Evanescence album (spoiler: he thinks it’s “awesome”)



Then he updated us on the status of the We Are The Fallen DVD  (spoiler: There’s no distributor, so it’s not ready yet, but he has a plan…)


Vote for John LeCompt

We Are The Fallen guitarist John LeCompt has been nominated by Revolver Magazine as one of Rock & Metal’s “Hottest Dudes”.


Go here and vote!


Also Carly recommends voting for the male members of the band Halestorm – Arejay Hale, Joe Hottinger and Josh Smith.


More Updates From Ben Moody

Ben Moody released a video on his tumblr site that gave some details about the things that we can look forward to from him in the next few months.


Here is a brief summary of what he mentioned

  • He is working on an online book containing stories, pictures, and general debauchery from the last 8 years.
  • He is planning on starting a podcast tentatively titled “Ben Moody’s Paradigm of Paradox” that feature music, bands, comedians, and just in general talking about what interests him.  First recording is planned for Jan. 22.
  • How does Ben feel about the new Evanescence album? he says he “really loves it”, and sent congratulations to Amy and the band.
  • His new record “You Can’t Regret What You Don’t Remember” will coming soon – By 11/11/2011 if I understand correctly.
  • As for We Are The Fallen – he says they are currently “feeding their families”, i.e. doing non-WATF work to make a living.  However he answers the following questions: “Are there new WATF songs? Yes.  Are they finished? No.  Will they be coming soon?  Yes.”  He did not define what “soon” means to him 😉
  • He mentioned the WATF DVD, but the current status of this was not clear to me from this recording.
Listen for yourself for the full Moody experience.

Marty O’Brien Advertisement & Contest

Check out this pic of WATF bassist Marty_O’Brien, featured in this contest-giveaway by ‘Line 6’.   If you live within the US, enter now to win a prize-pack including lots of stuff a bassist would drool over – this includes (according to the site) “a Line 6 Relay wireless system, a Spector bass, and a large supply of D’Addario Strings and accessories.”

Click here to go to the site to enter.


Carly in Revolver Magazine’s List of “Hottest Chicks of Rock & Metal”

Carly was listed as number 9 oin a list of the 25 “hottest chicks of rock and metal” by Revolver magazine.  Here is the picture, plus the associated text.

Let’s face it : She’s just too badass to be an American Idol. Since being voted off the show’s seventh season, Smithson has proved it, running a tattoo shop, San Diego’s Nothing Sacred, and fronting We Are The Fallen backed by former members of Evanescence, Disturbed, and Static-X. The group released its debut, Tear The World Down, in 2009, and is working on new material right now-and new tricks: The singer is currently training to be an aerialist so she can turn mid-air stunts during the band’s shows. Bad. Ass.


Stoke Association Donations – Update

Carly’s husband Todd has now earned his fund-rasing goal of $3000 for the National Stroke Association for running in the NYC marathon this November.

Thanks to all who donated.

And don’t forget that you can still donate by going to this link: