We Are The Fallen News From Ben Moody

Ben Moody also recently published on his Tumblr account, a summary of the current state of affairs for We Are The Fallen.  In summary he said that:

  1. The DVD of the Cirque Des Damnes concert is complete but has been held up due to legal issues.  These issues have now been resolved and he now looking for a distributor.
  2. Evanescence – old, new, and anything in between?  “I don’t know, but that sure sounds swell!:)”
  3. WATF is still writing and recording new music, though the group’s other projects and the aforementioned legal issues have slowed things down.  Be patient…it is coming.  And he is encouraging Carly to express her frustration through her lyrics 🙂
Here is Ben’s complete post:

Messages while I was away

Sorry to everyone who left me a message while I was away. I was/am not intending to be rude, but social activity during the past months has been the farthest thong from my mind and priorities. I tried to look them over but I honestly just can’t give each one the time it drawers so I’ll cover a few recurring themes briefly…
1. Lots of questions about the DVD. It’s finished. Its been finished for quite some time. However a man lacking a brain, heart, penis, and soul decided to waste as much of my time and money as possible filing a frivolous lawsuit against me which temporarily prohibited me from moving forward at all with distribution of the DVD. Fortunately, the sycophantic simpleton waste of life has crawled back into the rathole from which he came and I am currently shopping for distribution. If I had known it would be this long I would have just waited until my NEXT birthday. Captain Hindsight wins again.

2. I saw something about new ev music, old ev cd covers, and some ev questions I honestly couldn’t understand. The answer to all is : I don’t know, but that sure sounds swell!:)

3. To the eloquent young blogger who simply wrote “fuck you”….. Perhaps with a brief lesson in the structure of a sentence you could rephrase in a way I could understand. I’m in a happy relationship so if that was an offer I’ll have to respectfully decline. At least until you send me a full body shot. Until then we have nothing further to discuss.

Finally, WATF is constantly writing and recording new music. It’s been a busy year for all of us on many levels. But law suits have a way of stalemating almost anything. So we appreciate your continued patience. I’m sure carly will have a LOT to say about the CHUD who wasted so much of our time and money on the next record so watch out…. I’m encouraging her to use as many “F” bombs as possible. So three cheers for profanity!


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