Carly Smithson in Upcoming Movie

It’s true.  Carly has taken a role in the upcoming indie thriller “The Final Act” (click to see the official movie website).

The film, directed by Chloe Finch, is scheduled to begin filming on October 2nd, and will have a 2012 release date.

Other actors in the film include April Marie Eden (Parks & Rec (TV), Mirror Image), Jesse Woodrow (Charmed (TV), Best Laid Plans), Leslie Easterbrooke (Police Academy, Devil’s Rejects), and John Posey (Robocop 3, Manhunter).  See the site for a complete list.

You can also follow (and like) the film on Facebook.

We will be keeping an eye on this as the time approaches.


Trivia:  this is not Carly’s movie debut.  As a child, she has a small role at the end of the 1990 film Fools of Fortune playing “Young Marianne”.  See it here!


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