Carly and Olivia…awwwwww

Here is a recent pic of Carly and Olivia posted on Twitter:


Carly Has A Bouncing Baby Girl

We are back and posting again with the wonderful news that Carly & Todd Smithson welcomed a daughter into the world, Olivia Mabel Smithson, on September 30th at 10:55pm

Check out the lovely photo posted by Carly on her Twitter:


Also check out the media picking up on the story – such as People Magazine and the American Idol website.

Carly Charity Appearances

Carly made an appearance on behalf of the charity LA’s Best – a charity that provides after-school care for children.

Check out this video of her singing Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me”.  I have not found any other online announcements or videos for this event.

Click here to see the video…

Also Carly is scheduled to appear at the Orange Count BBQ Festival on June 10th in Costa Mesa, CA along with the band Sugar Ray & fellow Idol alum Ace Young.  This event benefits the charity Kristie’s Foundation for Critically Ill Children.

Here’s the promo poster:

Carly’s Mom Gets Married

Just thought we would take a moment to congratulate Carly’s Mom Marie on her recent marriage.

She got married while visiting Carly in Las Vegas.  Here’s a lovely picture of (from left to right) Carly, her Mom, and her sister Shannon:



Congrats again Marie!

“Big News” Update

Just a quick update on this – there has not been any announce, as far as we know regarding Carly’s news that she mentioned in her tweets and while talking to Ben.


So far I have been unable to find anything about her on the red carpet at the Idol Finale or if she has made any announcements.


Rest assured we will let you know as soon as we have any information.